This wiki is created for the Hetalia fangame: Animal Hetalia:Tamashi-no-Wa There are currently 7 Hetalia fans from DeviantART working on the game. This game is under construction and only prototypes of the menu, in progress sprites, and a little about plot has been revealed to the public. This game is purely fan made and the members of the team owns nothing but the character designs , their own artworks and the plot line. For more info and latest updates go to: RPG-Tamashi-no-Wa on DeviantART

Staff members: Edit

Plot Edit

America invites the other countries to a camping trip in a forest, far away from civilization. They soon realize that they can't leave and now there are rumors of an ancient curse. Things get weirder when Romano disappears... What's going on...?

Characters Edit

The Characters below listed are all animals, designs are created by Felice-chan and Lovinos.

Allies: Edit

America/USA Edit

Main character of the game. He planned the camping trip for the Allies and the Axis to prove that The Hero can survive in the wilderness. Or can they...?

England Edit

A gentleman and a retired pirate, he can do some dark magic if needed. He supposedly sees fantasy-like creatures and claims to be a good cook.


He's a huge flirt and can be vain at times. He has a deep rivalry with England and is not afraid to strangle him in public, or try to, since he's the smallest in form out of all the nations. Also A bookworm and actually a good story teller.


Mysterious and really scary, he loves vodka and wants to be friends with everyone. Just don't make him mad.

China Edit

A playable character. Unlike in Hetalia Axis Powers, China is a female. She can still wok you if you piss her off.

Axis: Edit

Itaria Edit

Always cheerful younger brother of Romano

Japan Edit

Out of the three Axis Powers, he is the calmest and rather most mature.


The physically strongest of the three. He can be strict at times but is caring otherwise.



Always being ignored and mistaken for America, he is often tries looking for ways to be noticed. He usually brings along his clueless partner, Kuma(just Kuma) everywhere.


He may seem rude and selfish on the outside, but if you don't piss him off, he can be a sweet guy.


Still wanting to be acknowledged, he follows the Allies and the Axis on their camping trip.

Latest activity Edit

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